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Contactless Access Control Solutions

Non-contact Access Control Technology For The New Normal

Move away from touch based entry and exit devices with an effective and affordable contactless Access Control security solution from NORTH WEST SECURITY SYSTEMS LTD

We’ve learned during this COVID 19 crisis that the virus can be spread through contact with almost any surface. The virus can survive up to three days on stainless steel and plastic. That’s why it’s so important organisations offer a hygienic, non-contact identity authentication solution to reduce the chance of spreading the disease now and in the future.

We are highly experienced in the design, installation and maintenance of all types of Access Control Systems in a variety of properties throughout the North West. Our Access Control Systems protect entry and exit points in your building, creating a barrier between you and unauthorised individuals, monitoring who is in your building and where they are at all times, allowing varying levels of controlled access and providing additional security and safety for your staff and visitors.

We provide the very latest No-Contact Access Control devices to provide you with a tailormade door access system for your building that is also safe for your staff. These include networked Access Control Systems, fob and card Access Control Systems and Facial Recognition Access Control Systems.

If you would like more information about the best Contactless Access Control Security Solution for your business then please get in touch today.


Fob & Card

Access Control Systems working with proximity readers use personal key fobs or access cards that unlock doors with just a swipe. They are more secure than the conventional lock and key and much more reliable and safer than using digital keypad to type in a code. Codes can be forgotten or easily be given to unauthorised people whereas proximity credentials, such as key fobs and cards, offer a greater level of convenience and security that is reliable, time after time.

Facial Recognition

Facial Recognition access control is arguably one of the most foolproof security systems, and an ideal solution for these challenging times. Already popular for locking/unlocking smart phones, facial recognition is so easy for authorised staff to gain entry into a building or secure area. The scanner or camera in the hardware unit detects each unique feature, very similar to how a fingerprint scanner works, making it impossible for unauthorised personnel to gain entry.

Near Field Communication

NFC – Near Field Communication – controls entry/exit access via a phone, tablet, laptop or other smart device. In the same way as card or fob passes are used, staff and authorised personnel use an app installed onto their own smart device to communicate with receivers at door access points. Eliminating the need for managing cards and fobs, NFC is a much more modern method for controlling door access, whilst being completely contactless.

Touch Free Exit

Exit devices allow people to leave a secure area without the need for user authentication. These are intended to be located at the secure side of any access controlled door to allow lock release for a defined timed duration. Touch-free options such as motion sensors located above the door that can detect when people approach, or by a simple hand swipe in front of an infrared sensor, provide fast and convenient touch-free lock release.

North West Security Systems install and maintain a wide range of access control systems.

High-tech and high-quality, flexible and scalable. NWSSL Access Control systems include key fob and card proximity readers, intercom access, and biometric readers for facial recognition.  Choose a simple stand-alone system or opt for a PC networked multi-site system to suit your business.

North West Security Systems have completed Access Control installation projects for a wide variety of settings ensuring all work is fully compliant with Disabled Access and DDA (1995) Regulations. With experience of fitting Access Control systems for both SME businesses and large corporations, our exceptional quality work also extends to residential flats, schools, sports clubs, multiple-site premises, storage units, universities, government buildings and car parks.

We’ve worked with hundreds of customers throughout Bolton including local business, schools and colleges, and licensed premises across northern England, providing high quality Access Control security products and services.
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To find out if your business or property could benefit from an Access Control system, speak to a member of our experienced team on 0161 641 2406 or contact us here.

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