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Covid-19 Safety Solutions


Keep your building Covid-19 safe

These are challenging times for all types of business, and keeping your property and people safe has never been so important.

Have you ever considered the number of touch points in your building? Door handles, Lift call buttons, kitchen and toilet facilities and so on. Our range of Covid-19 Safety Systems will help you DETECT potential carriers before they enter your building, thus PROTECTING your staff, customers and visitors.

This is cutting edge technology for the ‘new normal’ of our world – stay safe and stay alert with North West Security Systems.


Protecting access to your property through a range of Covid-19 safety solutions

Density Control

Control the number of people entering your shop, office building, gym or leisure centre – perfect for venues where higher footfall is expected.

Our Density Control systems use people-counting cameras to keep a tally of how many people are in your building or shop at any one time. This allows you to maintain social distancing based on the safe number of people allowed in your building.

Contactless Access Control

Avoid contact and contamination at access points to buildings. We can install Fob or Card entry solutions, Facial Recognition points and Motion Sensors for a cleaner, safer entry control.

Contactless Access Control means you can issue your staff with key cards or fobs instead of relying on keypads and fingerprint terminals which could potentially transmit the Coronavirus disease. Facial Recognition devices and Motion Sensors are also foolproof alternatives.

Temperature and PPE Check

Be certain of keeping Covid-19 out of your property with a Temperature check of every person at all access points. Our systems will deny access if a high temperature is recorded. It can also check if a face covering/mask is in place to comply with your access regulations.

We can install a full system at your building access that will automatically check the temperature of anyone seeking entry. The system will deny access if it detects a higher than normal body temperature. What’s more, we can also configure the system to match your Covid-19 policy if face masks are required before granting access.

Video and Audio Door Entry

The perfect solution for Dentist and Doctor surgeries, Health and Wellbeing Salons and Practices. Be in control of who enters your property with our Video and Audio Door Entry solutions.

Installing Video and Audio Door Entry systems gives you complete control of who is entering your building or property. See and speak to your visitors before granting access.

We’ve worked with hundreds of customers throughout Bolton including local business, schools and colleges, and licensed premises across northern England, providing high quality Access Control security products and services.
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